Capitalisation Platform is a new digital tool for the Black Sea Basin community.

Its aim is to promote relevant solutions with replication potential, to improve access of stakeholders to valuable results financed under our Programme and to contribute to the development of new partnerships and synergies between community members and beyond.

Identified solutions are thematically mainstreamed in clusters. As new solutions emerge, additional clusters may be added.

Biodegradable waste composting center


Self-Government City of Kutaisi


Waste reduction


BSB457 - Waste Free Rivers for a Clean Black Sea aim is to introduce modern practices of the Green Waste & Composting and 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) for solid waste in the communities located along the Black Sea basin rivers in Georgia and Republic of Moldova.


Introduction of municipal biodegradable waste composting in Kutaisi City, a large-scale composting center for biodegradable green waste, covering an area of 3024 sq. m and having the capacity of 2024 tons per year.

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