Capitalisation Platform is a new digital tool for the Black Sea Basin community.

Its aim is to promote relevant solutions with replication potential, to improve access of stakeholders to valuable results financed under our Programme and to contribute to the development of new partnerships and synergies between community members and beyond.

Identified solutions are thematically mainstreamed in clusters. As new solutions emerge, additional clusters may be added.

Integrated Database Marine Litter Watch


Namik Kemal University


Environmental monitoring


BSB257 - Zero Waste Strategy for Good Environmental Status is proposing the concept of zero waste with a theoretical and a practical perspective. Common methodologies have been developed to collect both social and economic data, which are addressed to develop comparable datasets for evaluation at the EU level. On desk research are supplemented by clean-up operations of shorelines and the sea floor as well as school and public education programmes.


Integrated Database Marine Litter Watch is enclosing reporting systems and marine litter monitoring actions data on collected and classified marine debris, made available for research.

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