FAQ Interreg NEXT BSB Programme 2021-2027

First call for proposals

This page contains answers to questions submitted by the interested Interreg NEXT Black Sea Basin Programme potential applicants during the first calls for project proposals. The questions and answers are organized by topic of interest and are updated on a regular basis, as we collect new questions. To preview the questions, click on the topic of interest.

I. General Aspects

1. What is the difference between Regular and Small-scale projects?

Although both types of projects aim at strengthening cooperation in the Programme area, Small-scale projects aim to strengthen the people-to-people cooperation, while Regular projects aim to address more complex challenges which require higher budgets.

II. Jems

1. The template for the application form, which is part of the Application Pack, slightly differs from the application form in Jems. Which version is the correct one?

The offline template, available in Part III of the Guidelines for applicants for the 1st call for proposals, is a document prepared to support applicants in preparing their application form. As mentioned in the disclaimer, there may be slight differences regarding wording, overview tables and character limitation.

Therefore, the application form from the system (Jems) is the one that should be considered.

III. Activities

1. What is a flagship project?
During the implementation, based on criteria to be developed and agreed by the management structures, at least one project from the fields of action mentioned below, which could generate higher visibility and added value, may be labelled as flagship projects and considered as operation of strategic importance according to the definition in Article 2 of the Regulation (EU) 2021/1060:
  • Use of innovative technological developments, including enhancement and application of Artificial Intelligence technologies, in support of the blue economy;
  • Measures to prevent and mitigate the impacts of climate change on the Black Sea region, including on water quality and quantity;
  • Investing in green infrastructure to mitigate air, water, noise, soil pollution and degradation.

IV. Eligibility Requirements

1. How is it possible for an organization from a participating country to find a partner? Is there any platform for this?

Yes, the Programme website encloses a dedicated section for finding potential partners: https://blacksea-cbc.net/bsb-community. For creating an account and benefiting from all its functions (finding partners, uploading project ideas, browsing for project ideas) please consult the Guideline for Black Sea Basin Community, which may be downloaded from the website section. Moreover, you may consult https://keep.eu/, which is a comprehensive online database enclosing aggregated data regarding projects and beneficiaries of European Union cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation Programmes.

V. Financial requirements

1. What size should the budget be for regular projects?

The budget of a project proposal is established by the potential applicants forming the partnership, according to the project needs and proposed activities and by taking into account the budget requirements included in the Guidelines for applicants for the 1st call for proposals - Part II- section 8, i.e “Any grant awarded under the Interreg NEXT BSB Programme for the implementation of a regular project must fall between minimum EUR 500,001 - maximum EUR 1,500,000 (Interreg funds).