FAQ BSB JOP 2014-2020 - Beneficiaries 2nd Call for Proposals

This page contains answers to questions submitted by interested ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Program applicants, beneficiaries and controllers. The questions and answers are organized by topic of interest and are updated on a regular basis, as we collect new questions. To preview the questions, click on the topic of interest.

General Aspects

1. The news regarding the events organized within the projects can be published also on the programme website?

On the programme website there is a section dedicated to Projects news&events where we published the news shared by the beneficiaries: https://blacksea-cbc.net/projects-newsevents/.

Further, these news are disseminated on social media.
For more information and support, we are inviting you to contact the JTS communication officer, Jesica Papusa, email: jesica.papusa@bsb.adrse.ro.

Technical management

1. Shall we require an addendum/notification if we change meetings from live to virtual?

In case you decide to change a meeting from live to virtual you have to provide explanations of this change in the progress report. Addendum or notification is required only in case any of the modifications are of the type for which an Addendum or Notification is required, according to MA Instruction to Beneficiaries no.16.

Financial management

1. There is currency fluctuation in Turkish Lira against Euro. How we will adjust this during the auditing?

According to article 8.5 of the grant contract, exchange rate losses are Non-eligible costs, so you cannot adjust them.
However, considering that the Beneficiaries have to upload the expenditure in the original currency and the conversion into euro is made automatically by the eMS using the monthly accounting exchange rate of the European Commission of the month during which the expenditures was submitted for verification, the management structures introduced the option for those beneficiaries who anticipate big losses because of the exchange rate to submit several financial reports to the controllers. Instructions on how to use this option is included in the revised version of the Project Implementation Manual – see Annex 5 – Guide on reporting in eMS, section 4.3.2. ‘List of Expenditures (LoE) – Currencies other than euro.

Public Procurement

1. We are preparing a procurement procedure for services (events organisations) for all the events to be held during implementation period. However, due to pandemics, the number of organisations to be held will possibly change and maybe most of them will be online. My question is how should we adapt our procurement and payments regarding those changes? Should we still submit the procurement or still wait?

In cases where flexibility is needed and organising one single procurement procedure for all similar services / supplies / works needed over a long period of time would be difficult in a changing context, please consider that the respective services / supplies / works may be purchased following several procurement procedures.
However, please pay due attention to avoiding the artificial split of the estimated value of the contract.
For example, in case it is decided to organise a procurement procedure for services for an online event of 1.000 euro and then 2 procurement procedures for physical events, each of 10.000 euro, then the total estimated value of 21.000 euro must be taken into account when checking the thresholds for the procurement procedures stipulated in the applicable law. For example, in case of PRAG 2020, the above situation would imply the use of simplified procedure (formerly known as competitive negotiated procedure) for each of the three procurement procedures, and not the use of single tender procedure and neither the use of payment by invoice, for neither of them.
Also, you should take into account whether there is a need for a modification of the Contract through an addendum or notification.

Expenditure verification

1. Is national controller considered audit company? Please, specify the distinction between auditor and controller.

Controllers are independent auditors, or public officers, contracted or appointed, as the case, to examine the costs and revenues declared by the beneficiary.
The controller is the generic term used within the JOP BSB 2014-2020 and may be either an auditor, or a competent public officer, according to the systems used in each participating country.

Reporting, Monitoring & Evaluation

1. What kind of documents should be uploaded in eMS during submission Progress report?

The progress report submitted at every 4 months of implementation must be submitted only outside eMS application form. The documents that must be attached at the progress report are: an updated procurement plan; promotional materials; photos of equipment/supplies.