FAQ BSB JOP 2014-2020 - Controllers 1st Call for Proposals

This page contains answers to questions submitted by interested ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Program applicants, beneficiaries and controllers. The questions and answers are organized by topic of interest and are updated on a regular basis, as we collect new questions. To preview the questions, click on the topic of interest.

General Aspects

1. Regarding the Office and Administration budget line, what do the controllers have to verify under this budget line?

The Controller is not required to verify the actual costs, or any document related to these costs even the beneficiary has introduced detailed costs in the report. According to Article 8.3 of the Grant Contract, flat-rate funding in respect of indirect costs does not need to be supported by accounting documents. In case a beneficiary provides supporting documents, these should not be verified. Please see Instruction No.15/2018 of the MA to Beneficiaries – Article 8.3 – Indirect costs (https://blacksea-cbc.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Instruction-15.pdf)
Also, according to Annex 5 – Control check list – to the Instruction No. 15/2018 of the MA to Beneficiaries, the controllers should only check that no office and administration costs are declared under any other budget line.
No clarification, justification, or supporting documents and no budget reduction shall be applied by any controller during Interim or Final Report unless the same costs are declared under other budget line.
JTS and MA shall verify on the Final report that the final total amount spent under this budget line at project level falls within the percentage and do not exceed the amount approved for this budget line at project level.